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There and Back Again: Day 2 & 3 - Nashville to St. Louis, with a Touch of Magic

On day two of my journey, reminiscent of a hobbit's adventure, I set off from Nashville, TN, heading towards St. Louis, MO - a journey spanning roughly five hours. Traveling through Tennessee into Kentucky, I was intrigued by signs announcing 'The Land Between Two Lakes.' Driven by a sense of discovery, I ventured to this enchanting spot, where I was greeted by stunning vistas that merited a pause. There, barefoot and connected to the earth, I soaked in the scenery while sharing the experience with my best friend over the phone.

Continuing my journey, I stumbled upon a surprising sight in Kentucky: a sign for 'Metropolis, Home of Superman.' The realization that such a place truly existed added an unexpected and delightful chapter to my story.

As night fell, I arrived in St. Louis, checking into the Moonrise Hotel - a name my son mysteriously knew, thanks to the GPS tracker I'd shared with my family. Opting for a hotel in St. Louis was a decision influenced by cautionary tales heard back in Charlotte, especially considering the city's reputation compared to my hometown of Baltimore, MD.

The hotel, offering both a rooftop bar and a comforting hot shower, became my sanctuary for the night. After a restful sleep, I awoke early on Friday, October 13th, ready to resume my travels.

Gigging $$: The day involved about six hours of Lyft driving, earning $195, and enjoying the urban landscape of St. Louis before setting off for Kansas City in the evening.

My culinary adventure at The Foundry, a vibrant food hall, led me to the mouth-watering Cajun Creole fries, generously topped with cheese, sausage, and crawfish - a spicy, yet irresistible delight. My exploration also included a visit to the St. Louis Arch and a riverboat cruise aboard the Huckleberry Finn on the Mississippi River. Although the arch and the cruise were less thrilling than anticipated, the real enchantment of St. Louis was yet to be discovered.

During the riverboat ride, serendipity struck. I encountered a woman from Charlotte, embarking on her own solo journey after a recent loss. The chance meeting of a neighbor in such a far-flung place was nothing short of a magical coincidence. Another notable but eerie attraction was the Bellefontaine Cemetery. Though tempted, I decided to respect the resting and didn't explore further.

The day ended with me missing a poetry event in Kansas City, yet it brought an unforeseen perk - staying at my poet friend's hotel, helping me cut down on expenses. With Missouri behind me and Kansas City ahead, each experience was weaving itself into the rich tapestry of my travel narrative. Up next: Discovering Kansas City and then journeying onward to Denver, Colorado, where new stories were waiting to unfold.



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